Ayo Awosika

Ayo Awosika is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and voice coach living in Los Angeles,CA. Her debut album, "We Best Not Wait" produced by Grammy winning producer, Scott Jacoby out NOW!!

10.30.14 | London. Later with Jools on VH1/Palladia this week! Gedeon Luke & The People.

Sleep deprivation didn't seem to affect the level of excitement that was rising among the members of Gedeon Luke and The People as we prepared for the Jools Holland show. We were able to be a part of something that is so legendary, and that is such a rarity in music these days. It's incredible to me that there is a show that is truly a showcase and feature of music that is NOT a competition...where camaraderie is celebrated and encouraged, and each group involved is cheering for the one before and after that. And the company we were in - Robert Plant, the Counting Crows, Tune-yards and Years and Years. It was incredible.

Especially in this age of TV show competitions, that culture has seeped it's venom into everything. But what a concept to be inspired by your colleagues; to be pushed to be better and to bring your 110% always. That was and is a special feeling. 

Being a part of The People is already an experience that goes down in the life book and I'm so blessed to be a part of it. So, being on Later with Jools was surreal and one of those heart bursting experiences. I can't wait to come back again. Playing shows with people you love and respect is absolutely the. best. feeling. period. And to get to travel the world to do it is only icing on the cake. So:

CHECK OUT OUR PERFORMANCE ON LATER WITH JOOLS ON VH1/PALLADIA Thursday, 11.13 @ 10pm EST  and Friday, 11.14 @ 6pm EST!