Ayo Awosika

Ayo Awosika is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and voice coach living in Los Angeles,CA. Her debut album, "We Best Not Wait" produced by Grammy winning producer, Scott Jacoby out NOW!!


People have been asking me for months when they can get the new album and FINALLY! The day has come that "We Best Not Wait" is available to the WORLD!! You can now purchase your own copy to be sent to you the good ole postal service way, or you can buy via itunes. if you like to stream via spotify, you will find it there but please do "follow" me - that really helps! The sooner I'm "verified", the sooner I have more control over my profile and can get featured on highly visible curated playlists and share this album with even more people.

Firstly, let me say thank you again to all of my kickstarter backers who supported this project and then waited so patiently to receive the goods. It's a wonderful labor of love and I'm so excited to be sharing it with the world. You'll find some of these backers' names listed on the home page. (just the ones who requested and okayed it).

Secondly, thank you to Scott jacoby for being the production mastermind that he is. I was so blessed to work with him on this project - stay tuned for more from him, he is working with some amazing people.

and of course thank you to all of the talented musicians who are featured on this album and helped bring it to life: zach mangan, reuben cainer, grant gordy, julian smith, cory henry, adam tressler, and garrett sayers.

So So so very grateful and can't wait for what's next. I hope you buy the album, love it and by all means, share it with your friends!!! 



"An extraordinarily ambitious, supremely self-confident debut. Ayo Awosika and her producer Scott Jacoby made an old-fashioned soul record worthy of the Masters. Her smart, rich, endearing songs swirl together like a lost Eden. "We Best Not WaiT" is a trapdoor of introspection, confession, temptation, heartbreak, faith and hope - always hope." 

          - Leo Sacks, producer of the 2014 Grammy Award-winning Bill Withers: The Complete Sussex & Columbia Albums Collection.