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Ayo Awosika is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and voice coach living in Los Angeles,CA. Her debut album, "We Best Not Wait" produced by Grammy winning producer, Scott Jacoby out NOW!!

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Announcing World Tour and Album Release!


SO. People have been asking me...Why can't I find your album on Itunes, what's going on? WELL, as I mentioned before, we decided to push back to the release of the album. It's now going to be released in October to kick off ANOTHER very important event!!

What could that be??

Oh, just the kick-off of my first WORLD tour!!!

Yep, you read right. I will be playing shows in Irelandthe NetherlandsGermanyLondon, France and Spain in October and November before I head to.... AFRICA!!! I am beside myself with excitement for all that's coming this fall! Click here to see all upcoming dates! Feel free to spread the word and I can't wait to see you all in the next few months!!

one month ago, I was in Africa...

YES! I was in Nigeria for a couple of weeks. And it's taken me a month to settle back in and finally organize my trip a bit...

I decided that the blog was a wee bit too personal for here, but let's just say that the trip was unforgettable, beautiful, and so significant for me. I can't wait to be back there again... and soon!!

And for those of you in Lagos who came to the show at the Intercontinental Hotel THANK YOU SO much for your support and for warmth. I felt so welcomed, I was so overjoyed to share my music with you, and I can't wait to do it again.

Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite photos from the trip, in no particular order...

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1. awosika family reunion

2. me and the always beautiful tiwa savage (she's real good. check her out here 

3. so many colors at the street market! and 2 of my favorite things: hot peppers and okra

4. more colors

5. I had so much fun here. so many people. finding and discovering new things to bring home.

6. beautiful artwork in the Intercontinental Hotel in Lagos.

1. more beautiful artwork at the Radisson Hotel in Lagos.

2. crazy cabs that zip past you on the road!

3. the beach!! so nice.

4. the beginning of an incredible show and night at the Intercontinental Hotel on 1/12/14. 


Soo...I promised some blog posts from my trip to Africa, and they are coming. I DID write while I was gone (I had to document everything, and there were ALOT of stories to catalog) but honestly, when sitting down to the my computer to start posting them I remembered Oh yes, I'M IN AFRICA! And promptly walked away from my computer screen to as my dear friend put it, "go be in Africa".. :)

So... posts will come soon. Until then, I hope you're doing something that makes you happy. I sure am.

love love.